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About InfoRoute

InfoRoute Inc., headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada was incorporated in 1992 with the express goal of providing an accurate and easy to use set of products relating to the validation and matching of client information. We attained that goal when our first product, AddressAbility™ was introduced to the marketplace in 1996. This product was followed in 1997 by the NamePro™ and ClientMatch™ products. ClientMerge was released in the year 2001.

We believe that only by working closely with our customers will we succeed in providing the best products in the market in our areas of specialty. Generally, if a customer requests an enhancement to any of our products and the request is deemed to be advantageous to all of our customers and we view the change as value added to our product, we will provide the enhancement at no charge.

Customer Support
Customer support may be initiated by telephone or by sending an e-mail to our support address. Any problem excountered with any of our products is considered a high priority and is responded to in a timely manner.

An installation guide is provided with each product. Installation time varies depending on the environment. There is no requirement for InfoRoute's involvement since we have designed the installation as a simple, step by step procedure.

InfoRoute's manuals describe how to use the product in a straight forward step by step fashion. We also supply sample source code on the installation media. This makes our products very easy to use.

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