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InfoRoute Data Integrity Solutions

In this information age, maintaining data is critical to the success of any business. All address information must be accurate and up to date to allow business to provide the best cost, product or customer service.

InfoRoute's AddressAbility™ address validation and correction software parses, corrects and reformats address information from any source. AddressAbility™ processes existing or newly entered address data. The software is ideal for data conversions and for preparing and maintaining data to facilitate the enforcement of corporate standards. Correct addresses allow for reductions in postage, paper, data storage, and human resource time. This translates directly into cost savings. Address integrity enables better customer service and guarantees the most accurate results from any data analysis performed.

InfoRoute’s NamePro™ software validates and reformats client names. This helps to identify duplicate names for the same client. NamePro™ uses your existing database and an intelligent parser to determine the various components of the incoming name data.

InfoRoute’s ClientMerge™, when integrated with AddressAbility™ and NamePro™ products, provides the perfect solution for merging or de-duplicating client or mailing list data.

InfoRoute’s ClientMatch™, when integrated with AddressAbility™ and NamePro™ products, provides a turnkey solution for converting name and address data to a consistent format.

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