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ClientMerge™ Version 2.1

ClientMerge™, when integrated with InfoRoute’s AddressAbility™ and NamePro™ products, enables client or mailing list matching and de-duplication.

ClientMerge™ parses the input name and address data and splits them into seperate fields in a consistent, verified format. This ensures that the matching routines work as accurately as possible. ClientMerge™ output consists of all records sorted in a matching sequence. Each record is assigned codes indicting the extent of match for both the name and address information with the previous record.

Key Features

  • Parses and validates name and address data using AddressAbility™ and NamePro™ products

  • Sorts and assigns codes which are used to create and de-duplicate output files

  • Benefits of Using ClientMerge™

  • Help identify duplicate clients based on name and address information

  • Help identify different names at the same address

  • Validated name and address information provides more accurate input to marketing or mailing functions

  • Simplify processes that require conversion between variable free format data and fixed format fields

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