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ClientMatch™ Version 2.0

ClientMatch™, when integrated with InfoRoute’s AddressAbility™ and NamePro™ products on the mainframe, provides a turnkey mainframe conversion solution for converting name and address data to a consistent format.

ClientMatch™ uses the legacy system data to create a first name file and a corporate alias name file. This ensures that the parsing and matching routines work as accurately as possible. ClientMatch™ maintains the client information on an interim client database.

Based on error and warning reports produced, a user may correct the legacy system or update the interim client database using the supplied update programs. Information from the interim client database may be extracted and loaded onto a target system.

Key Features

  • Parses and validates name and address data using AddressAbility™ and NamePro™ products

  • Maintains corporate names using a corporate alias name file, which can be updated using online panels

  • Maintains the interim client database, which can be updated using online panels

  • Produces reports allowing invalid names and addresses to be reviewed

  • Extracts the interim client database for loading into the target system

  • Benefits of Using ClientMatch™

  • Help identify duplicate clients based on name and address information

  • Help identify different names at the same address

  • Validated name and address information provides more accurate input to marketing functions

  • Simplify processes that require conversion between variable free format data and fixed format fields

  • Flexible methods for extracting the interim client database and loading the target system

  • Streamline the conversion process with simple user interfaces, easy to follow steps, audit reports and detail reports

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