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AddressAbility™ Version 8.0

Key Features

  • Validation and correction of all Canadian addresses
  • AddressAbility™ identifies, validates and corrects all types of Canadian addresses with detection of foreign addresses.

  • Standalone software modules
  • The online standalone programs provided with the software enable the user to look up a postal code from an address, look up addresses from a postal code or to look up all addresses that relate to a few entered fields such as province, municipality and street name.

  • Callable software modules available for batch and online
  • The callable subroutine provides the ability to handle individual address component fields or free format input. For output, both the address components and the free format address are available to the user program. A return code indicates one of the following:
    (i) the address was matched successfully
    (ii) how the address was corrected or
    (iii) why the address could not be corrected.

  • Most advanced address parser for detecting various preferences
  • As a Canadian software vendor, InfoRoute understands the prevalence of linguistic, regional, and personal preferences that may be used by a user entering address information. AddressAbility™ makes use of a highly intelligent parser that can successfully parse these input variations.

  • One pass to determine all address information
  • The software is able to determine whether an address is valid or correctable. This is accomplished with only one call to the address processor subroutine.

  • Generation of Canada Post’s preferred address format
  • AddressAbility™ will format output into the optimum mailing address layout, consistent with Canada Post’s preferred layout.

  • Recognition by Canada Post’s SERP program with Level A rating
  • AddressAbility™ is recognized by the Canada Post Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP).

  • Generation of address statistics
  • Generates statistical information including the Statement of Accuracy report for addresses processed in batch mode.

  • Generation of address data from the postal code
  • AddressAbility™ can generate a full address from a postal code and a minimum amount of address information. Most urban addresses, for instance, can be generated by entering the postal code and either the street number or suite number. Fields returned by this procedure indicate which mandatory address components are missing.

  • Cost effective
  • Take advantage of InfoRoute’s competitive pricing for single or multiple installations. There are no hidden costs. There is a one-time licence fee and a single monthly or annual maintenance fee. The maintenance fee includes monthly data updates, upgrades to the software when available, and complete support.

    Benefits of Using AddressAbility

  • Validation and correction of all data sources
  • Address information may be stored as free format data, individual component fields or a combination of both. AddressAbility™ provides the flexibility to validate your system data by simply setting a few software parameters. Validating any input address data at the source before it enters your system saves time and resources later. Enforce internal data standards by handling address information through the data conversion capabilities of AddressAbility™.

  • Ease of use
  • To operate AddressAbility™, there is no need to attend costly courses or to wade through thick cryptic manuals. No special proprietary macro or pseudo language is required to configure or operate the software. AddressAbility™ ensures a short learning curve and eliminates the need for extensive training, with its associated costs.

  • Easy to integrate
  • Integration of AddressAbility™ with existing applications or new systems development is quick and easy using the callable subroutine. This call is consistent for all environments and minimizes any implementation effort. Sample source code is provided to accelerate the integration of AddressAbility™ into any application.

  • Minimize data entry time
  • Reduce the cost of data entry and increase productivity by using AddressAbility™ to generate address data from the postal code.

  • Maintain accurate address data for decision support systems
  • Utilize the full value of business intelligence software by maintaining accurate address information before it is loaded into a data warehouse or data mart. Query and Report, OLAP, Data Mining, Executive Information Systems, and marketing analysis all operate with margins of error even when data is assumed correct. With inaccurate input data, these tools do not provide their full benefit and may yield incorrect results.

  • Savings on the high cost of misdirected or returned mail
  • Incorrect address information leads to misdirected or returned mail. AddressAbility™ minimizes this problem by correcting an address before mailing.

  • Discounts on mailing costs
  • Canada Post’s SERP recognition of the AddressAbility™ software package may entitle the user to mailing discounts. The Statement of Accuracy produced by AddressAbility™ provides proof to Canada Post of the accuracy of the address information.

  • Enhanced capabilities for managing name and client information
  • The use of add on applications NamePro™ and ClientMatch™ extends the capabilities of AddressAbility™ to allow matching of both name and address information.

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